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  • Reach Mentorship/Scholarship $10,000 Winner!
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Making Hall County the Most Constitutionally Literate Community in the Nation

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We’re so encouraged by the response to our “Making Hall County the Most Constitutionally Literate Community in the Nation” challenge we issued on November 1st.  Hundreds have pledged support at http://www.hallco.org/constitution/constitutionally-literate-community/ , thousands have logged on to our website  http://www.hallco.org/constitution/ (Chrome and Firefox provide the best experience), and individuals from several nations have viewed our 90 minute Foundations of Our Nation course.

At the classroom level, we have sent out hundreds of pocket Constitutions to HCSD classes that have signed the pledge with 100% support.  Calls, emails and letters from our community have offered financial support to expand this effort to our community.  I encourage you as HCSD team members to continually seek ways to incorporate these core principles into your daily class activities.

On Veterans’ Day, local veterans will assist our high schools in placing 1,700 pocket Constitutions into the hands of our high school seniors.  What a tangible way to remember and appreciate what these brave men and women have done for each and every one of us.

Please familiarize yourself with the webpage and continue to share it on your social media outlets.

Thank you, and have a great day.

Will Schofield