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Course Descriptions

North Hall Middle School Carnegie Courses

Coordinate Algebra

 Honors Physical Science

 Honors 9th Grade Literature
These classes are assigned based on teacher recommendations, test scores, and academic achievement.

Spanish I
Presents the Spanish language in an integrated way and emphasizes listening, speaking, reading,
and writing.

Band I
Opportunities to develop performance skills on wind or percussion instruments; emphasizes performance and production, analysis, historical and cultural influences, improvisation and appreciation of music.
Choral Ensemble I
Provides opportunities to develop performance skills and knowledge in ensemble singing. Covers performance and production, analysis and theoretical studies, historical and cultural influences, creative aspects of music and appreciation of music.

Business Essentials
Develops management skills as they study forms of business ownership, functions of management, budgeting and finance, technology, communications, legislation, leadership and teamwork, marketing, and economics.

Directed Study I
Allows students to learn academic content and skills that are far more advanced than those that can be offered for a larger group of students. Includes participation in group and independent studies, working with community experts, and a culminating research project.

Reading Enrichment (Placement only)
Enhances essential reading skills necessary to promote continual development in reading.

Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Essentials
Provide students with an introduction to the FCS Career Pathways (Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Teaching as a Profession, and Interior Design). Students will acquire fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for success in any of the career pathways.

Health/Personal Fitness
Explores the mental, physical, and social aspects of life and how each contributes to total health and well-being; emphasizes safety, nutrition, substance abuse prevention, disease prevention, environmental health, family life education, consumer health, health careers and community health.

Visual Arts Comprehensive I
Introduces art history, art criticism, aesthetic judgment and studio production. Emphasizes the ability to understand and use elements and principles of design through a variety of media, processes and visual resources. Explores master artworks for historical and cultural significance.

Basic Agriculture
Introduces students the major areas of scientific agricultural production and research; presents introductory skills, problem solving lessons, and knowledge in agricultural science and agri-related technologies. Classroom and laboratory activities are supplemented through supervised agricultural experiences and leadership programs and activities.

Introduction to Digital Technology
This is a foundation course for several pathways.  It is designed for students to understand, communicate and adapt to a digital world as it impacts their personal life, society, and business world.  Exposure to foundational knowledge in hardware, software, programming, web design IT support and networks are all taught in a computer lab with hands-on activities and project-focused tasks.
Foundations of Engineering and Technology
This STEM driven course provides students with an overview of engineering and technology including the different methods used in the engineering design process developing fundamental technology and engineering literacy.